Khufu VR

A journey in ancient Egypt

The Expedition

“Khufu, a journey in Ancient Egypt” virtual reality experience proposes an incredible expedition in ancient Egypt to explore the Khufu Pyramid as it was never done before. Group of visitors will be able to visit exclusive places and travel back in time to discover the most famous of the seven wonders of the world and the fascinating civilization of Ancient Egypt.

Free roaming in Virtual Reality

Equipped with a VR headset, the visitors can walk around freely in a 400 sqm room. This is a unique way to discover the Great Pyramid with its history and architecture in a real scale environment. The visitors will be guided through the full official visit of the pyramid, while avoiding the crowds. But there’s much more…

Access Hidden places and travel back in time

Thanks to VR, visitors are invited to some hidden and exclusives parts of the pyramids that the general public is never given the opportunity to see. Climb up to the summit, visit the Queen Chamber, walk through the walls and get a groundbreaking overview of the whole volume of the last of the 7 world wonders. The last part of the expedition is a journey back in time, where visitors are invited to King Khufu’s funerals… and much more

As official members of the Scan Pyramids mission, Emissive had the chance to work with Dassault Systèmes, the HIP Institute and Cairo University and share our expertise on 3D and VR. Since 2019, the prototype Scan Pyramids VR has been showcased at the Cité de l’Architecture in Paris and we have decided to release the first Immersive Expedition on the fascinating subject of the Great Pyramid: Khufu VR.