“Combine the beauty of the world’s cultural heritage with the emotional power of storytelling and cutting edge technologies to create stories that push the limits of virtual reality.”

Emissive Expeditions are the next big leap in immersive cultural entertainment. Powered by cutting edge technologies and amazing storytelling, Immersive Expeditions propose unique Virtual Reality experiences to visit, as a group, the cultural and scientific heritage of mankind, as if you were there.


Groups up to 20 people will get equipped before starting their expedition: they will put on a light backpack and a VR headset.

The full expedition takes approximately 45 minutes from beginning to end, including check-in, getting equipped/unequipped.

Visitors will evolve in a large space ranging from 150 m² to 1000 m² and will move freely like in real life.


  • share a breathtaking experience with family and friends, or book your own private expedition

  • go places inaccessible in real life and travel in space and time

  • learn about cultural heritage while having a great time


  • reach a new audience with unique cultural entertainment experiences

  • generate revenues : Immersive Expeditions can up to 150 000 visitors/year for a 300 sqm space

  • easy set up: Emissive takes care of everything, you just need to provide the space, attract and check-in your visitors


VR Content

The content of the experience consisting of 3D graphics, interactions and sounds is created by our internal teams in our Paris offices. On each project, our creative team works in close collaboration with experts in the field of art, architecture, history or even science to ensure the quality of the content and make sure it will be a fantastic learning experience for all.

Free roaming

Free roaming is practiced on large areas in which the visitor moves freely and therefore has total freedom of movement. To move, the visitor can walk, stoop and dodge, mixing virtual experience and real reactions. Being able to move freely increases the immersion in the player and intensifies the experience, making it even more realistic.


Whatever the size of the room is, each visitor is precisely tracked within the space and each movement is similar in the VR experience. In that way, we make sure that groups of visitors keep a safety distance between each other.

Emissive technology

Emissive developed a turnkey software in order to manage each Immersive Expedition in the best way possible. Some features include: space management, group management, content customization, and remote support.